De-addiction Treatment

The program for alcohol / drug addiction in VIGILANCE FOUNDATION is for a period 3 months. Our treatment method is a combination of Medication and Psychotherapy.

First Month


As Soon as an Addict stopped Using drugs / drinking Alcohol the Toxins which are accumulated in his body due to his abuse of alcohol / drugs will be withdrawn by itself within 48 to 72 hours and maximum over a period of one weak. During this acute period the Patient will undergo several Physical and Psychological discomforts which are known as Withdrawal Symptoms.

During this period, the focus would be on treating and helping the patient in overcoming the withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of a doctor and nursing attendants available at our center. As the patient stabilizes he/she will be introduced into the group for the further course of treatment.

Second to Third Month

Stabilization and Recovery Process

During these months, the patient will be attending sessions conducted by our counselors on varying aspects of recovery to help and encourage patient in developing coping skills leading to a life of abstinence and recovery. The sessions will be based on psychotherapy.

Psychological  Evaluation

During the treatment the patient will undergo the psychological evaluation if deducted for dual diagnosis the psychiatric treatment will be provided as per the need.

Cognitive  Behaviour Therapy

This session is designed to help in identifying and expressing the patient’s emotional and psychological feelings in an acceptable manner. (Thoughts and feelings) The Session will induce self reflection on the patient’s past behavior and its consequence on the patient’s life which would help in understanding and accepting the ill effects of one’s actions directly on self, the immediate family and society at large.

In general, people suffering from this disease tend to carry an arrogant attitude towards their families, friends and the society. The reason for such behavior stems from their own shortcomings and character defects, which needs to be addressed in detail to bring about a profound personality change. This session would concentrate on adapting an approach towards changing the negative attitude of the patient.

Psycho Educations

The chemically dependent people and the families deny the consequences of the disease. This will be handled through Psycho Educations by conducting one on one / Group Sessions with the patients as well as the families.

Group therapy

In this session the patient is given an opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the importance of communication as a medium of expressing his/her emotions in a controlled manner, seeking and giving help, creating their own support system, etc. This session helps in building ones self-confidence and in inculcating respect for others in the society.

Counseling Sessions

Through the Individual counseling the patients are motivated to come out with their personal issues without any hazzles. Since the Codependency is the part of this disease the family members required counseling. In such cases they are motivated to cope up with the consequences through Family counseling.

Relapse Prevention Plan

It is a fact that addiction is a Relapse prone disease. But by understanding and identify the Relapse Dynamics the patient and family can surely prevent very much before it occurs. We Conduct Relapse Prevention Programs to the families and the patient through which they can have a proper plan towards sustain their sobriety.

Antabuse Treatment

Besides all the treatments and therapies, in most of the cases the patient required an adequate support treatment to control the abuse of substances. In that case the patients are treated with the support of Antabuse medicines under the close Supervision of our Physician and observe for any of the side effects then they advised to continue the same even after the Treatment till the Doctor advice him to stop.

Introduction to Self Help Groups

The patient will also be introduced and motivated to attend meetings of Self Help Groups such as AA /NA. so as to get him/her familiar with the concept of AA/NA. A better understanding of the program would prompt the patient to make the best use of its benefits for healing and recovery.

Step work

This session is designed to introduce the client to the 12 step program followed by AA/NA, the most acclaimed and accepted program worldwide in treatment of addiction.

After Care Treatment and Follow-ups

Once the Patient gets discharged from the treatment there will be regular follow-up Programs to have a close observation on his medication and to help him in coping up with the reality. This is mandatory and will be strictly followed by our Counselors and Social Workers through maintaining a proper Register and Records. And also we will emphasize on meetings of AA /NA. These meetings are part of the aftercare treatment; the participation in these meetings would help the patient in sustaining recovery.

Other Support Therapies

  • Enhancing a new life style to the patient by following a planned daily schedule.
  • Bringing in the spiritual values through Devotional Sessions, Meditation and Thought for the day sessions.
  • Building up and maintaining a healthy physical structure by Yoga and Exercises.
  • Brain storming activities such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Intellectual games and Psycho dramas.
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