Training & Education

At VIGILANCE under the guidance of our Founder and with the Experience of our Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and other team members we conduct Training and educational program to the students and professionals from various Educational  Institutions and Corporate Companies

Common training methods.

While new techniques are under continuous development, our common training methods have proven highly effective. Our good continuous learning and development initiatives often feature a combination of several different methods that, blended together, produce one effective training program.

Orientation Sessions

Orientations are vital in ensuring the success of trainees and students. Whether the training is conducted through a lecture, or a one-on-one meeting with a supervisor, trainees / students should receive information on the Disease Concept, history and strategic position in addition to provided services and their job responsibility.

Lecture Sessions

We conduct Lecture Sessions as a verbal method of presenting information on the elements of the Diseases, treatment procedures ,Therapies, Patients Psychology, Codependency ,Cope up Strategy and the Post Treatment Services.

On Job Practices

At VIGILANCE each and every student / trainee are entitled to carry the on job practical works such as Documentation, Record Maintenance, Assessments, Conducting Lecture Sessions, Group Therapies, Recreational and Brain Storming Activities and Counseling Sessions.

Computer-Based Training involves the use of computers and computer-based Data Maintenance and Presentations.

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